Aims of this resource

Stories from Nowhere are reflections on the changes that take place in a small wood in England during a single year. The stories are springboards for deeper thinking about the “big ideas” of biology.

This a new kind of resource for biology education. It aims to promote literacy and curiosity about the “big ideas” of biology.

Designed for personal reading, it can also be used in online learning or classroom discussions.

The resource has the following features:

a series of short, self-contained, stories, each leading into a “big idea” of biology. Awareness of these ideas develops gradually across different stories.

Each story is 500 words or less, written in accessible English, designed to be read on screens. There are tooltip explanations of key words.

The stories are lavishly illustrated, often with the author’s own photographs.

There are extensive teachers’ notes with links to the KS3 programmes of study for science in England.

The site is under development and, if there is sufficient demand, additional stories can be added at a rate of one or two each week, following Nowhere Wood through the changes that take place within a single year and over the whole history of life on Earth.

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